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The Ballet Mississippi Guild is a volunteer organization that works to support and promote the interests of Ballet Mississippi in the community through fundraising, volunteering, and special events. Whether it’s party planning, volunteering backstage, ushering at school performances, or selling t-shirts, there is something for everyone. We need your energy and your ideas to help ensure that Ballet Mississippi leaves a lasting mark on our community and to provide our dancers with many opportunities in the future.

We hope to have a record membership this year for our 50th anniversary!

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Ms. Donna M. Barfoot
Jeff and Stephanie Becker
Eva` Bengten
Carrie Blount
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bush
Millie and Brad Clanton
Sarah Easom
Allison Fisackerly
Anne Fisackerly
Laurilyn Fortner
Steve and Deanna Funderburg
Leigh Ann Germany
Kara and Guy Giesecke
Michael and Sherry Gwin
Kelly Haber
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Haire
Andy and Amy Halstead
Peter Halverson
Sally and Mark Hamlin
Kim and Lawson Hester
Derrick and Letitia Johnson
Dr. Mattie Saunders Jones
Madeline and Joey Katool
Sonya Loper
Vicki Lowery
Tony and Jennifer Malik
Courtney Mansell
Dr. Laura E. McCalop
Rachel and Stewart McKinney
Lucio and Carolyn Miele
Mrs. Kathryn Muhammad
Dr. and Mrs. Nils Mungan
Angie Noble
Amy and Joe Nosef
Shawn O’Mara
Amanda P. Overby
David and Andrea Pittman
Laurie Raines
Whit and Debbie Rayner
Mark and Beverly Rester
David and Mindy Roberts
Jennifer Salvo
Scott and Kathleen Sanders
Dr. Jennifer Shores
Jessica Stowe
Mary Linley and Andrew Sweat
Lex and Margaret Taylor
Molly M. Walker
Shannon Warnock
Tim and Rachel Wise
Collins and Margee Wohner
Lynda Wright

Carey Yelverton
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